Your Body

by Beyond-O-Matic

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This is the third album from Beyond-o-Matic and the first following the departure of original drummer/vocalist Glen "Free" Wilcox, and was originally released on Jamaelot Recordings in 1998.

Not satisfied with the quality of our usual 'record improvisation and embellish' method with new drummer Frank Grau, Stenzo and I branched out and included Linndrummer/samplist/vocalist Dave "3 kinds of ginger" Gresalfi and ventured into different forms of electronic music.

This music was more collaborative than the previous one and, though it was fun to do, I also had issues with giving up control and with mechanized beats in general, which, at the time, I was politically against.

Following the release of this recording a few local gigs, and one session for a new recording (returning to the 'record improv and embellish' technique, Stenzo informed me he was leaving the band, which signaled the end of Beyond-O-Matic for the time being.

I've always thought of this recording as a different band (beyondomatic, all one word with no capitals) and I've considered this recording to be the bastard stepchild of Beyond-O-Matic recordings. But I recently heard a Dan Deacon track that reminded me of one of these tracks (Green Organ Preciface) and so I revisited it... and realized, actually, despite its being awash in too much 90's digital reverb, it's actually holds together pretty well and is fun to listen to.

I guess the lesson that I continually try and mostly fail to learn is that it really doesn't help one's art to be a purist and to be stubborn about technique. And also, just because something worked really well in the past, it doesn't mean that we should spend a lot of time trying to get back to that. You can't really get back.

Ironically, I just spent the better part of an evening delving into this recording and while the masters, I suspect, are long gone, I did do some editing because, although this record was mixed digitally in the very early days of computer based engineering, even that could not overcome my penchant for including awkward mistakes and boring parts in order to get to the part I liked after it, or in order to satisfy some need to be really prog and have songs over 10 minutes long and take up every possible minute of a 74 minute CD.

So here it is, the never before digitally released third Beyond-O-Matic record, Your Body. Enjoy!


released September 21, 2016

reverend peter fuhry -

vocals, cross5 guitar, thebeatles, vocals, acoustic bariguitar, long stiff finger of doom, toy piano, accordian, flute, metal clarinet, delay loop effects

stenzo -
keyboards, voice, guitar, delay loops

franktus -
bell, drumset, voice

d.gresalfi -
linndrum, samples, vocals, magical musical thing, melodica

additional voices - melody paine, sally schrader


original jams recorded at jamaelot , in the acquior and below
overdubs recorded at jamaelot, outposts, C and O and at planet x.
produced and mixed by fuhry, gresalfi, stenzo at lucid.

all songs were composed as they were being recorded by beyondomatic except 'frozen' by madonna and patrick leonard.

cover picture by melody paine, band pictures by d. gresalfi and sam morris, cover design by d. gresalfi, cd design by reverend fuhry.

cover models, jill church and a dog of unknown name.

For oma, who so loved the crashing waves.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Beyond-O-Matic Austin, Texas

Formed in 1993 in San Francisco, this undergrounds space rock band is known for its unique approach to musicmaking. Layering bombastic overdubs on improvised jams utilizing unusual equipment, this band creates epic emotional journeys of sound. Now, for the first time, their early recordings are available for purchase. ... more

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Track Name: Your Body Warms Me Like The Sun
Like the sun.

Your body meddled with me like a ladle in a stew
poured me out the spout of brooding
spreading my soul to the soil of a new world.
Growing love.

Your body settles on me like the summer air
cools me like the breeze from heaven
settles on me like the feathers of a hummingbird.
I love you.

Your body settles on me like I settle on you,
your cool feet in my my woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo hoo.
settles on me like the petals of a red rose
I love you.

Like the sun.
Track Name: Postiface
Olives roll along the ground
Rain is falling all around
Hanging low like fog, the ceiling softly laughs
and throws salt on wounds of sound.

Addicts screaming in the night
Thick trees blotting out the light.
Hanging low with the weary weight of stillness,
somehow blooming in the blight

What were we looking for?
What did we find?

Pouring bulbs in the dark
Looking for a place. A place to park
Someday something will allow our love to breathe again.
And give tinder to the spark.

Hope runs heavy for a reason to this rhyme
For a reason to this heavy time.
Track Name: From Far Away
In a dream
I had closed my eyes and touched your long hair.
And we kissed.
Streams of color rushing in from everywhere.
And I cried.
Tears fell off my face, flew parallel to the earth.
To the sea.
Crashing waves told timeless stories of rebirth
From far away.

In a dream
I saw reason cause the heavens to align
In the light (of our sight)
Hives of flies formed swarms in shapes of valentines
And then I
noticed shadows and the sunlight were the same
Looking up
I saw angels cry and burst into flame.
From far away.
Track Name: Green Organ Preciface
Keep moving your head.