The Flight of Luis Garcia

by Beyond-O-Matic

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released November 1, 1994



all rights reserved


Beyond-O-Matic Austin, Texas

Formed in 1993 in San Francisco, this undergrounds space rock band is known for its unique approach to musicmaking. Layering bombastic overdubs on improvised jams utilizing unusual equipment, this band creates epic emotional journeys of sound. Now, for the first time, their early recordings are available for purchase. ... more

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Track Name: (Believe) The Love You See
(by Glenn Wilcox)
I see you
You see me
We see each other
by the sea.

Want to meet you
on the other side.
Want to meet you
on the other side.
Want to meet you
on the other side.

Want to meet you.
other side.
Track Name: Yeah
I was born in my concrete dis-orgy
The sun shined through my window
I was reading a very short story
About the seam store pin-dough

Now here was a man who thought he was a god
and he walked through the streets of white
Now here was a freak who swore he had some innocence
Whose balls been filled with whim


Trapped in a maze of his own making
He wondered where to go
Though the walls grew tight around him
Decept him, but don't go
That's what he said
when he found the matrix
and he knew that he was wound at the seat of fate

Said yeah
Whip me in a summergun yeah
Tell a natty all about yeah
Zima laba fooberon yeah

He knew he was doomed
from the day he set his foot in that room
He knew that he was waiting like a hunter
But he accepted, cause he knew that he'd be there
in the dark morning he said goodbye
To this earth, to this strange land evil plays within
Never wonder why
But someday you may find that room
where he will die and choose to choose the winter.

Steppin in the room now yeah
Knowing that he killed you yeah
I'm telling you to do it yeah

Track Name: Superstoned
When I get home at the end of a busy day,
I like to relax, and smoke myself a j.
You know, the stresses of life can take its toll.
That's why I like to sit back and smoke a bowl.

Now some people might say that I'm filing my mental edge
'twixt me and my drug of choice, they choose to drive a wedge,
but let me just state the facts, once and for all, for all to know.
There aint no way I'm ever gonna let my reefer go.

Get superstoned.

When I get down and hang with my special girl
you know I get weary from all my dealings with the material world.
That's why I like to like back with my baby in a bed
and unwind all the thoughts that are tied inside my head.

When I feel the smoke caressing my lungs,
you know I feel my feet ascending on the ladder rungs
toward that special level... call it a plane,
where I can feel every stimuli inside my brain.

Get superstoned.

When I feel the tingle getting to my fingertips
you know, I feel the love abound through all the fabric rips
of my.... perception.
And the inception of a new and greater love

for all around me. As I look above
to some sort of heaven floating in the sky,
As my forehead relax, and half shut my eye (gettin' high)
I feel it's time for everyone to join in
In something one should never try to classify a sin.

Because, you see, there's nothing could be bad about the way I feel.
And when I feel that tingle I know that what I feel is real.
And when you get down, get down, right down to the bone,
You'll come to know, that everyone should be superstoned, so take a toke now.

I'm superstoned.
I'm super duper stoned, yeah.
Track Name: Pluto
I'm on Pluto
I'm on Pluto
I'm on Pluto
I'm on Pluto
It's the ninth planet from the sun.